Mr. J-Lo and Passings

Reagan and Ray Charles pass away, and J-Lo gets married…it’s the circle of life in a twisted way.

I grew up with Reagan as president and my political views have changed radically despite an overly liberal L.A. public-school education. And while I have new found respect for the 40th president, I thought the funerary ceremonies seemed to go on way too long. It was nearly a week of news coverage and Friday’s ceremonies started in the early morning on the East Coast and ended in the evening on after they flew his body to back to California. That’s a full day plus 3 time zones.

I’ve been freelancing at iTraffic (that’s an interactive ad devision of, working on a new business pitch. It’s been interesting working downtown. I mean really downtown. Their offices are a block from the New York Stock Exchange. Unfortunately, like working in mid-town, the food choices are few and too often expensive.

People ask if I miss Hawaii. Well I definitely miss getting a delicious bento box lunch for only $2.50.

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