New Jersey’s Governor

Truth, is stranger than fiction. Even though my dad and a lot of my family live in Jersey, I usually pay little attention to New Jersey politics or news, but it’s impossible not to when the news broke last Friday and through the weekend.

One thing Gov. McGreevey has to be thankful for: Saturday Night live is summer hiatus.

Giselle and I have been trying to catch up on our summer movies.

We went to see “Collateral”, we were running a few minutes late late from dinner, so I didn’t think much was amiss when we entered the theatre and saw the movie already running. Turns out the usher had directed us to the wrong theatre (it was playing in two) and we had walked into the last 45 minutes or so of the movie!

Well rather than wait another hour for the next screening (and yes, it was a cool film and Jamie Fox was a surprisingly good actor) we snuck into the Bourne Supremacy which was starting shortly.

The fight and chase scenes were shot/edited perhaps a bit too frenetic and shaky to best appreciate the fight choreography but still a taught spy thriller. It was as good as the first film, which says a lot. It makes the recent 007 films seem so hack and hollow in comparison.

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