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I’m not making this stuff up: CNN Story

Giselle wrote in to NBC 6-7 months ago and was able to get us tickets

to see a taping of Late Night with Conan O’Brian. We went to the taping

this evening with our friend Earle. We were surprised by how tiny the

actual studio was. When Conan puts down how crappy his studio is, I can

now understand.

Here are 5 Things about the show that you don’t get unless you’re there


1. The Max Weinberg 7 band is amazing. They sound exactly like on TV or

even better (unlike most of the musical guests, such as Chingy


2. Conan is very pale (except his face which has lots of makeup).

3. Conan is really funny. He came out to talk with the audience before

the show (after the warm-up guy) and he was cracking jokes and making

us all laugh.

4. The show is not live but it is shot in real time. During the

‘commercial breaks’ the band plays and everybody just sort of hangs

around waiting for the block of time allotted for the commercials to be

over then, ‘We’re back again.”

5. No going to the bathroom during a show. No cameras. No picture

taking at all.

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