New Years babies

Amid all the sad stories due the tsunami, I’m happy that life goes on both there and closer to home. Two of our friends (Angie in Hawaii and Kerry here in NY) just had their first babies about a week apart. Big props to both ladies, especially Angie who had a 32 hour labor! Both moms and their babies are doing fine.

Giselle and I enjoyed Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”, though there is some debate among my friends who have seen it, if it was better or worse than the Royal Tenenbaums (I think it’s better). I consider it a whimsical, absurd and funny tall tale. Though perhaps, the Filipino pirates are only funny to Pinoys watching it. It was pointed out to me that the actor playing the Bond Company stooge was none other than Bud Cort who played Harold in the 70’s cult classic “Harold and Maud”.

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