Sadly Happy New Year

It’s hard to celebrate New Year after the tragic tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean. G’s friend Shehara (who’s family is from Sri Lanaka) emailed us immediately about it. Her family is helping the Rottery Club in their home town organize relief efforts.

If you’d like to help by making an aid contribution, here are some good organizations that use most thier donated money to help people instead of their own bloated opperational overhead (like most UN agencies):

Thanks to my friend Joe Maller for pointing out some of the more effective aid organizations and for his informative Blog links to firsthand accounts from the effected regions, like, India Uncut.

Here are some amazing photos taken by a tourist in Phuket, Thailand.

The sad truth is that many tourists actually walked out onto the beach after the earthquake to get a better look at the exposed sea foor caused by a super low tide , not realizing that it was the precursor of the sea rushing back in as a tsunami.

I remember that every 1st Monday (or workday) in Hawaii, at 11:45am, they would test the old Air Raid sirens in Waikiki: the tsanami warning. This was set up after a tsunami destroyed much of the city of Hilo in 1946. Oddly, I always imagined a tsunami to be like in the movies: one big huge wave. The reality (which we’ve no seen in videos on the news) is that it’s more like a huge set of waves, except that the ocean tide is rapidly rising and moving in land.

Anyway, don’t want to be too much of a downer. Have a safe and prosperous New Year. May we wall see 2006 in better shape than we started 2005.

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