Crazy and the Big Easy

Giselle and I took our first trip to New Orleans this past weekend. What an amazing town. It’s a wonder I never visited before. It’s probably the most enjoyable city in the deep south. I don’t include Miami as it’s not really the ‘Deep South’ so much as ‘Deep Florida’. Her friend Tori ran the marathon there and was the absolutely last person to finish, but she did finish.

We stayed at my friend Tony’s loft in the newly fashionable warehouse district; on the same block as Emeril Lugazi’s restaurant. Were were just two blocks away from the D-Day museum (and the soon to be built National World War II museum). I’m a History Channel junkie, but even G that it was way cool.

Bourbon street is everything you’d expect and more. More drunks, more dirt, more vice. It made me wish for a moment that I’d visited in my wilder college days but then perhaps it’s a good thing. New Orleans I should point out, often ties with Washington D.C. for the most murders per capita of any major city in the U.S. Who cares, the food is great and you can drink while walking on the street!

Just a word of advice from the locals: If it’s not Mardi Gras, don’t try to get women to flash their boobs. Only drunk, asshole, tourists do that. Like I said, maybe its a good thing I didn’t visit when I was younger.

Big Easy Pix

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