Rod Isn’t Sexy

It turns out that there really is a law in Canada that forces Canadian radio stations to play Canadian artists no less 30-35% of the time (65% in French Canada!).

Giselle and I decided to stay home this Halloween and give away candy. And even though we live in an apartment, there were about a dozen kids and young teens who showed up at our door. Though not enough to relieve us of the burden of post-Halloween candy. 😛

Friday will be my last day at Digitas. My foray into the world of Direct Mail was educational but hardly the perfect fit. It’s hard to be clever with a piece of marketing fluff that shows up stuffed along with your Amex credit card statement every month. This is actually a good thing because now I have the time to finish up on some web projects that I had on hold since Spring.

Of course, I’ll sending my book around town again.

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