Curling Rant

The reason NBC spent two nights covering US men’s and women’s curling was that, the other US teams had done so poorly in more glamorous events those days. As you know, US networks only cover events where we have a chance to place Gold in. Personally I’d rather than some awesome footage of a bobsled beefing it on a turn regardless of who’s country it was.

I don’t know what qualifies an event as a sport? Why is Ice Dancing a sport? Why is curling? Me, I define a sport as a physically challenging competition where you risk a serious injury in pursuit of the gold. Even cross country skiing qualifies in my book because the Biathlon involves guns. In curling, the greatest risk seems to be embarrassment…or perhaps broom-handle splinters.

Turns out a friend of mine from High School, Laura Fawcett, is in Torino with the US figure skating team. Which got me thinking about High School and realizing my 20 year reunion is coming up next year! Yikes!

1 comment to Curling Rant

  • erwin nanes

    hee hee hee this cracks me up.

    and i also find it weird (although i completely understand why they did it) that the winter olympics now runs on a completely different schedule from the summer olympics, at least back when they were on the same year, the US networks would cover them almost equally. (something along the lines of, ‘it’s ok at least we kick arse in the summer’ as the line of reasoning there i think.)

    the US should really just get better at winter sports, i think.