Happy Velentines

I hope you guys had a good Valentines Day! I think Dick Cheney was just trying to play cupid with his shotgun.

They way the news sounds, the they’re making it out like the Vice President didn’t tell anybody about the accidental shooting (actually the local authorities ie. police, were informed). It’s just that the White House press corp was upset because Cheney’s people didn’t give them a press release immediately after the “incident” citing this as an another example of the administrations secretiveness and lack of disclosure of it’s miss-steps (Weapons of Mass Destruction much?). Though it seems to me, the press corp mostly upset because some podunk local newspaper scooped them on the story.

It seems to me that the front page news should be spending more time looking into the fiasco that is government aid for Katrina.



How about we just fire everybody in FEMA and just close that agency? Or make it into a private non-profit charity? Just give us each back a couple hundred dollars from our taxes that would have gone to FEMA and let us donate that to the Red Cross or somebody. That way, if they did something this stupid, I could at least stop donating money to them and send it some other organization that’s doing a better job.

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