I Wonder, Woman

I hear that Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is directing the new Wonder Woman movie. Rumor was that Kate Beckinsale was cast as WW, though I heard it was an April Fools joke. I’ve also heard rumors about Katie Holmes (please NO!!!), Jessica Biel (can’t act), Jessica Alba (if you can forget her in that lame Fantastic Four movie), Jennifer Garner (if you can forget the lamer DareDevil movie and even worse Elektra), Salma Hayek (too short, she’s 5′ 2!), Catherine Zeta Jones (too old).

Me, I’d cast Monica Belluci (though she’s about 15-20 years too old for the role, she still has a body of a 20 year old!)

Speaking of comics, Giselle and spent the weekend at the MoCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) Expo where she was selling her book. Sharing our booth with her friend Donna (from the Folding Bike Club) and our friend Kevin was selling his newest graphic novel in the next booth.

I hadn’t been to a comic convention (other than last year’s MoCCA expo) in about a decade. I don’t know if times were changing or it was NY or it was the Alternative/independent comics crowd, but about a 1/3 of the crowd were woman, which is like twice your typical Sci-Fi/ComicCon of the 90’s.

Certainly with the success of Spiderman, the X-man movies, Blade, Batman, and now Superman, comics are a lot hipper and mainstream than they used to be. Maybe it’s all part of Nerd Chic or that comics were big in the early 90’s and these kids are now in their 20’s.

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