F*cking Goofy

We’ve been traveling so much the last 30 days we needed a little vacation. So we decided to go to Epcot center for their International Wine/Beer and Cheese festival.

Also my buddy Graham and I dove in the “Living Seas” aquarium last night and became part of the exhibit. It was cool waving to all the visitors and to the diners looking in at the restaurant. We also got a chance to get close to the dolphins underwater (though they were in a closed off part of the football stadium sized tank). Giselle took video and photos of us from the other side of the tank. I’ll post those up when we get back.

By the way, if you really want to see that video from Disney Paris (I warn you, it’s not really that worth it or that erotic), you can google it. Here’s an article on it.

Mickey Mouse Orgy at the Daily Mail

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