Bao means Bun

One of my favorite foods is ‘char siu bao’ or pork buns or as Filipino’s call it ‘sho-pow’. My friend Sherri’s returned from Asia where she’s been working for 3.5 years as a creative director. Unfortunately I never got a chance to visit her out there or take advantage of the fact that some of the best airsoft stores are in Hong Kong.

It’s the height of summer, so I’ll be spending a lot of my weekends playing airsoft. My friend Graham and I got to play in a big airsoft game this Saturday up near West Point, NY.

Breaking News:

Cardboard story revealed as made-for-ratings stunt

TV report on cardboard buns ‘fabricated’
By Zhu Zhe
Updated: 2007-07-19 07:06
A TV report earlier this month that purportedly showed a Beijing seller using softened chopped cardboard as the main ingredient in steamed buns has been dismissed as false news.

The Beijing municipal government said last night that investigations had found an employee surnamed Zi with Beijing Television fabricated and directed the sensational program for higher audience ratings. Zi is being held under criminal custody.

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