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Giselle and I returned from our 3 week trip in Asia to read the news of the suicide of DDB Chicago Creative head Paul Tilley last Friday. He was my age (which was shocking as well to me.) First of all, in all seriousness, my condolences to his family who are the real victims in any death.

::Paul Tilley Story::

There’s a lot of pressure being a creative director. And despite ourselves, we are creatures of ego and creative egos are fragile things. CD’s are supposed to have built up thick skins so as not to take things personally. Paul read a few too many negative posts on various blogs such as about DDB Chicago and about himself personally that it’s speculated that it contributed to his depression. When I read about it, two things came to mind (well three if you include my AIA):

1. As ad/media professionals we forget that a simple and direct message can make a huge influence to a person. This is both good and bad and should offer us a cautionary tale on the content of that message.

2. Have balance. Your job is not you unless you want to limit your life to that. If so, it’s a shame. This fact was very real to me as I’ve just returned from a pilgrimage of sorts to the country of my birth. I haven’t set foot in the Philippines in over 15 years. As a mature man, I realized how much of a connection I’ve lost from that part of myself and how much I feel a need now to reconnect.

I’ve added more photos from the Panay island part of my trip and a video of my dive.

::Panay Photos::

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Here are some new photos from Manila. And I’ll be posting photos from Hong Kong and Tokyo in the next two weeks.

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