4th of July Boners

Hope you all had a good 4th of July. Ours was pretty chill here. We tried to watch the fireworks from our roofdeck but it was drizzly and overcast. We went back to our apartment after about 5 minutes into it and watched the rest from our new HD TV.

I’m still perma-lancing at Evolgue, working on a web ads and print ads for the asthma drug Symbicort. The NY office is at Y&R so I get to enjoy my lunches at Bryant Park. They had some stars from the current Broadway productions performing there today. I wonder how the $4/gallon gas is effecting their ticket sales?

On the hobby front, I’m putting together a benefit airsoft game to help Giselle raise money for Team in Training. Since it to support the blood cancer research I created a combat theme around another blood disease. Check it out:


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