Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) relief

Team Rubicon OP: Seabird

The good news is that my family in Manila were unaffected at the edge of the typhoon cyclone (the typical street flooding Manila during a typhoon). My mother’s side of the family on Panay were on the path of the eye but they too are safe with minor damage to the farm.

But many thousands more are in dire straights. The scale of the destruction and loss of life are staggering. If you’d like to donate to a responsible charity conducting relief efforts in the Philippines, I’d recommend Team Rubicon. They’re military veterans who volunteer their time to go to disasters, set up field hospitals and help locals rebuild. They’re bringing medical supplies to Philippines and were some of the first US aid organizations to arrive on scene.

I’ve started a fundraising page for Team Rubicon. If you want to help, please share this link on your Facebook

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