Thousands of Minors Cross the Border

President Obama was elected largely because of his talent in speech making, which is why I’m dumbfounded by his recent speech addressing the tidal wave of illegal minors crossing the border. Over 50,000 children have been detained in just the last 6 months.

• Instead of saying straight out that these children will be DEPORTED back to their home country, he instead says “It is unlikely they will be allowed to stay.” Just unlikely? Really. Really?!

• “When it became clear that this year’s migration would be different…” He uses the word migration as if this was some natural seasonal occurrence like geese. Maybe in his mind this is the natural order of things but this just shows his disconnect from the majority of US citizens.

I can only assume is his speech writers have chosen such calculated language to avoid words that could hurt Democratic Party fundraising in certain communities.

50x more children are trying to cross the border illegally this year. They’re being sent by their parents because of rumor and misinformation about President Obama’s Dream Act. The administration was warned that this would encourage Latin American parents to try to get their kids into the US in hopes of another Dream Act for them. But candidate Obama was more concerned with getting more hispanic votes in his reelection campaign. You sow what you reap.

Full disclosure here, I was not born in the US. I was an immigrant to this country as a child (3 yrs old), accompanying my mother. She traveled the 2-day journey to a US consulate in the Philippines and applied for a visa to emigrate. She got a green card and after 8 years in the US, she applied for and earned a US Citizenship (and I with her).

That’s why I am all for changing the laws to allow ALL responsible immigrants to move to the US without quota limits. But the immigration laws that exist are still the law, until they are changed. That’s why I do NOT support rewarding law breakers.

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