Shadow Recruit
You know the film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit feels a little like life imitating art. While not exactly prophetic, it has some eerie parallels to real world events. For example [spoiler alert], the catalyst of the plot is when the Russia Government is threatened by a drop in crude oil prices, which would cause their country to go bankrupt, they launch a preemptive strike by sponsoring a terrorist attack aimed at collapsing the US dollar and economy.

Now, I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories but check this out: In February of last year, a month after Shadow Recruit is released, Viktor Yanukovych the President of Ukraine is driven out of office by street riots, that Moscow thinks was orchestrated by the West/US. In response, Russia annexes Crimea and backs a revolt in Eastern Ukraine (Donbass). In June, a Russian anti-aircraft missile in the hands of rebels mistakenly shoots down an Indonesian jet full of Dutch passengers. June is also the month that oil prices began to drop due to ramped up production by the US/Canada and now oil prices are at historic lows which, not unlike the movie, seriously threatens Russian economy. Also in June, ISL seemingly out of no-where, invades Iraq and takes over 50% of that oil producing nation.

The only thing missing from making these strange coincidences into a truly freaky one, is a ridiculous car chase through Manhattan (and Moscow).

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