Goals are not a myth

52442708James Altucher publishes a great Blog on business and inspiration. He recently sent out this story, “Mimi Makes a Million”. And while we agree the overall sentiment, one thing he wrote struck me as inaccurate.

In section (H) of his story he says:
“Goals are a myth. Our ancestors for 200,000 years didn’t have goals. “

I kindly disagree with that. 200,000 years ago, modern Homo Sapiens evolved in Eastern Africa, and were physiologically identical to us and therefore had the same feelings and brain power. If we have goals, so did they. They were just different and no less long-term from their perspective.

“Get to the southern mountains before Spring so our tribe can ambush the migrating storks” is not that much different than “Get this App launched before next month’s Vegas Expo or somebody captures more market share than we can.”

But I agree with Jame’s overall sentiment and echo it here: It’s good to have goals but do not let achieving your goals or failure to achieve them determine our self-worth.

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