X-Wing and T.I.E. Fighter Costume


This Halloween, my daughter wanted to be R2D2 and my son wanted to be a Stormtrooper so I created cardboard costumes for my kids this Christmas. We created a family costume of the Death Star Trench Run from SW4. The T.I.E. pilot, Darth Vader and R2D2 costumes were a mix of toy-store costumes, SW branded merch and airsoft tactical gear.

The T.I.E. fighters were pretty easy to pull off with the only challenge being how to best attach them to your arms. I hot glued a velcro patch on the inside of each solar panel, then wrapped a velcro strap around each arm. The velcro patch connected to the strap, making them pretty easy to take on and off.


The X-Wing was a far more challenging to build, taking about 6.5hrs; longer than I spent building all three T.I.E. fighters.  I attached shoulder straps and it hung like a big awkward skirt. It’s not an easy costume for Trick-or-Treating. The laser canon probes would constantly get caught on other kids costumes and stair railings.






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