COVID-19 Day 16: Star Trek Picard finale

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I’ve been watching the Picard CBS Star Trek series since before we were stuck at home under COVID-19 ordinance. It started out promising with great performances by Sir Patrick Stewart but…


I haven’t been this irritated and disappointed by the last couple of episodes of a series since Game of Thrones.

Why did Sutra let Narek escape after killing Arcana? She should have killed him too AND framed him.

Why didn’t Dr. Soon just broadcast Arcana’s death video to the other Synths and get everybody to turn on Sutra and the beacon? Ape not kill Ape.

Why did Commander Oh focus all of her ships on Picard? Surely she could have spared at least one Warbird to fire a torpedo on the Synth settlement and end the threat that she dedicated HER ENTIRE LIFE TO?

Why did Captain Rios and Raffi trust Narek after he tried to shoot them out of the sky in the previous episode? And bring him aboard knowing he was carrying molecular grenades?!!

Why did Riker’s fleet just leave? Hello, Romulans cloak.

Why didn’t Data want to leave his simulation and be reborn in a new body WITH emotions?

Why didn’t they put Picard in a younger body? He looks great for his age, but honestly.

Why does anybody trust Dr. Blonde and Useless?

Why anything involving Space Legolas?

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