COVID-19 Day 18: Business Pajamas


No matter what part of the political spectrum you’re in, we can all agree on this fact: Every leader of every modern nation on this planet, should have seen this Pandemic coming. But what none of us could foresee is was how a virus could so quickly change how many of us learn and work every day.

Prior to COVID-19, only a few of us had jobs or careers that allowed us to “work remotely” or be stay-at-home spouses. But for most families, Homeschooling and Distance learning are new experiences.

I had to help my children’s school get set up with a web conferencing service. My kids on the other hand, were quick to acclimate themselves to video conferencing with their teacher and classmates, emailing assignments and working using cloud-based documents. And this is just grade school. The only thing I had to help them with, was using the MUTE button.

Working from home AND homeschooling presents other challenges. Who can forget that BBC News segment where an Expert’s children video-bomb his live interview. I will cherish this rare opportunity to be with my kids but I’m certainly less productive when they’re working at the kitchen table next to me; having to MUTE mic while they sing their spelling words.

When this pandemic eventually ends, much of our lives will go back to normal. But I hope we keep some of these new habits, like hand-washing and wearing face-masks in public when we think we’re sick.  I also hope we encourage new ways to work/educate since we live in the 21st century, instead of the 19th.


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