COVID-19 Day 8: Chinese Virus and Spanish Flu


Today, President Trump again used the term, “Chinese Virus” sparking continued criticism with some calling the term, racist. As an Asian I don’t find names like “Spanish Flu”, “German Measles” or even “Chinese Food” racist, which begs the question, why the outrage?

The COVID-19 Pandemic is often compared to “The Spanish Flu” without a hint of shame or embarrassment. Ironically, that virus should be more accurately called, “The Chinese Flu.” Based on genetic sequencing, and WW1 historical records the most likely origin of the 1918 influenza strain was Southern China.

Reports of hate attacks on Chinese- and Asian-Americans have been on the rise since the outbreak. Those acts are reprehensible and driven by ignorance and primal emotions. Those responsible need to be held accountable for their actions and not excused by blaming a President’s semantics.

I suspect President Trump continues to use the term to spite the outrage merchants who criticize him. As well as out of pettiness towards some Chinese officials who Tweeted that COVID-19 originated in the U.S. and was brought to China. He certainly knows how to troll.



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