COVID-19 Day 2: Solutions

The image above is what Filipino’s call a ‘Tabo’; A small, hand-held pitcher, ladle or pan used in the bathroom and toilet. Until recently, many homes in Asia lacked showers. Even today many bathrooms in Asia feature a large bucket in the tub, that is filled with water. Bathers use the tabo to scoop up the water and pour it over their heads to wash themselves.

Often a separate tabo is used on the toilet, similar to how European cultures use bidets. In traditional Filipino hygiene practice, after defecting, you stay on the toilet and use the tabo to pour water on your genitals/anus, while scrubbing and cleaning the area using your other hand. Even today, toilet paper is only used for drying. Of course afterwards you’re expected to wash your hands in the sink with soap and water. Obviously, you have much more reason to be thorough about it.

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