COVID-19 Day 24: How To Make a Mask Without Sewing


I’ve created a video tutorial to show you how to make face masks using a single old t-shirt, without sewing. It is almost criminal that the CDC and our health officials took this long (3 weeks since declaring a National Emergency on March 13) to recommend the public wear masks to slow asymptomatic spread of the virus.

A new study finds masks are nearly 100% effective in stopping the coronavirus FROM patients breathing out while wearing them. Combined with a previous Cambridge study, researchers found that homemade masks could be made that were at least 50% as effective as a surgical mask. The best material to make a home-made mask from was found to be 100% cotton t-shirts.

That said, I’m glad the CDC finally did so and even posted a guide on making home-made masks. My technique yields twice as many masks as the CDC’s design. I was able to make 6 masks using this technique and with the left-over sleeves, you can make 2 additional masks using David Shuck’s demo.

I can not stress enough that until the Pandemic is over, supplies of N95 respirators and disposable surgical masks should be reserved for our healthcare workers and first responders. Carry spare masks so that you can change them out frequently. Wash your used masks in detergent and warm water to disinfect them.

COVID19 TShirt Mask


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