COVID-19 Day 62: Bill Gates is Not Trying to Take Over the World. This time.


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

When COVID-19 first hit the country in March, I found it a little strange to see Bill Gates featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, and other news channels asking him his opinion on the pandemic? Granted we later saw Fox asking Dr. Phil his opinion and President Trump asking the My Pillow Guy, but you’d ask Bill Gates about the software business not epidemic policy, right?

Bill Gates, if you didn’t know, is a software developer and co-founder of Microsoft. Back in the 1990’s Microsoft became the largest software company in the world and at one time made Bill Gates the wealthiest man in the world (now #2, behind Jeff Bezos of Amazon). In 2000 Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft. He remained on the Board of Directors until March of this year, when he stepped down to focus on philanthropy.

Like Rockafeller, Getty, Carnegie, and many ultra-rich men before him, Bill Gates wanted to leave a greater legacy to the world than just his business. He and his wife founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. Its stated goal is to enhance world healthcare and reduce extreme poverty. Lofty goals indeed, but very possible thanks to endowments by the Gates and their wealthy friends such as Warren Buffet and Bono. The foundation is currently the biggest private philanthropic organization in the world, with an endowment of over $40B.

Through research grants and donations to other organizations, the foundation has become the biggest funder of vaccine research in the world. In 2010 alone, the foundation pledged $10B toward vaccine research and deployment. In the capacity of CEO of the foundation, he has met with world leaders and leaders of the world’s healthcare organizations including the CDC, NIH and the WHO (which oversees most of the vaccination programs in the developing world)

Bill Gates, one of the most famous men in the world thanks to Microsoft, has been invited to give a number of lectures and talks about the urgent need for more vaccine research. It’s a little ironic now that these lectures, his foundation’s funding, and his working connections with people involved in vaccine research, like Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH, and organizations like the WHO, have led some to believe he’s somehow involved various conspiracy plots.

Some of these theories are rather extreme and some run counter to each other. I’ve heard it claimed his foundation helped create COVID-19, or that his foundation secretly has a vaccine and is sitting on it to kill people, or that it’s working on a vaccine (yes with Pfizer, which is true) to make even more money  (he’s already worth about $100B why would he need another $1B or $2B?). Or that vaccine will secretly implant microchips into people for the New World Order to control or ID us. The theories get more extreme from here.

Photoshop hoax

Photoshop hoax that turned into a meme

Now I’m seeing Bill Gates portrayed as the bugbear of the New World Order with hoax memes claiming that the Gates Foundation is committed to depopulating the earth. He’s become the new George Soros or this century’s new Illuminati or Rothchild cabal. Belief in the secret council of wealthy and powerful individuals who control the world have been around since before the 2oth Century, prior to which the world really was controlled by powerful, wealthy individuals who were all connected to each other; except they were called royalty.

Well why all the hate now? Because of this real threat of the COVID-19 pandemic (that he’s been warning everybody could happen) he’s chosen to put himself back in the public eye with his news appearances. Media driven fear and uncertainty about the pandemic, mistrust of the government, and origins of the virus, they all need a target for our frustrations and Bill Gates seems to fit the bill.

In addition to vaccine and public health, the Gates Foundation funds Common Core education initiatives. These have been largely failed to improve education outcomes in America’s schools. These broadscale changes did not earn him friends among the nation’s teachers and frustrated parents.

From 10 years ago we saw Millenials call out their envy and hatred for the 1%. We hardly heard his name mentioned at Occupy Wallstreet. He was just too unfashionable and untrendy to hate back then I guess. But Gates is the 1% of the 1% so that makes him the worst of the worst in socialist circles despite being buddy-buddy with Bono and other SJW entertainment types.

Right now, there’s a strange intersection between the Anti-Vaxers, Hydrochloroquine Boosters, and Anti-Lockdown groups. The Anti-Vaxers got a shot-in-the-arm (see what I did there?) with the many medical uncertainties around COVID-19. The foundation’s focus on vaccines has made Gates enemy #1. People want somebody to blame for the debacle that is COVID-19, rich guys are always an easy target.

There’s plenty of hate among the tech crowd. Who can forgive him for DOS 4.0 or Windows 8? Or Microsoft for that matter if you’re a Mac, Amiga, or Netscape person. Among some nerds, Gates will never be forgiven even if he does find a cure for COVID-19.

Don’t worry about Bill Gates trying to control the world. If he could we’d all be talking on a Windows Phone and listening to WMA files on our Zunes.



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