COVID-19 DAY 81: The Scariest Thing Last Halloween May Have Been COVID.

People have been alarmed by the “new strains” of COVID-19 being discovered around the world. Part of this confusion is due to the somewhat subjective use of the term “strain” which applies to any genetic variation or subtype of a virus. These variations can cause a change in a virus’ lethality or infectiousness or […]

COVID-19 Day 78: SF’s New Mask Rules

San Francisco and other Bay Area counties have released revised rules on mask-wearing due to COVID-19. And some are not just onerous but nonsensical. For example, it says that you have to wear a mask outdoors if you’re within 30ft of another person?! But you don’t have to wear a mask if you’re outdoors […]

COVID-19 Day 77: The Swedish Model of COVID Yields Surprising Results.

Google “Swedish Model” and you’ll get more than COVID-19 research

If you want to learn more about Swedish policies concerning COVID-19 try Googling “Swedish Model” and select ‘IMAGES’ The results are vastly different than epidemiological data charts I’ve seen for other countries but it looks promising (above).Much talk has been made about Sweden’s COVID-19 […]

COVID-19 Day 76: What Zardoz taught me about Coronavirus.

It was 1974, I was 3 yrs old when my mother took me with her to see her favorite actor, Sean Connery in a new movie. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a James Bond film, it was Zardoz. I was much too young to understand its plot and themes but it had a profound impact on […]

COVID-19 Day 75: Checking Back on Singapore’s Pandemic Predictions

At least they fixed this for the Sonic movie. The Imperial College and SUTD, not so much.

I discovered that The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) had hidden their SIR model, which showed their predictions for when each country’s COVID-19 pandemic would end. In their words, “Over-optimism based on some predictions is […]

COVID-19 Day 74: Freedom is always worth the risk.

Today, Memorial Day, we honor the soldiers who died protecting our freedoms. COVID-19 has been compared to WWII to describe our existential threat and the need for collective sacrifice. It’s also been humorously used to belittle those bemoaning being ‘stuck-at-home’ during the lockdown. I would argue that we haven’t been treating coronavirus enough like […]

COVID-19 Day 70: Letter to Kamala Harris on SB580

One of my state senators and one-time DNC presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, recently co-authored Senate Resolution 580 which aims to condemn and denounce anti-Asian sentiment, racism, discrimination, and religious intolerance as evidenced in the use of such phrases as “Wuhan virus,” “Chinese virus,” and “Kung-flu.” 

I wrote this letter to her:

Ms. Harris,

“Wuhan Virus” […]