COVID-19 Day 21: Masks send the right message


I urged the general use of cloth masks to help flattening the curve early on. But 3 weeks later, the CDC is sill ‘seriously considering ‘ the changing their mask wearing recommendations. Los Angeles’ mayor didn’t wait and yesterday urged wearing masks.

What needs to get out to the general public are the clear messages:

  • Wear a face mask whenever you venture out
  • Make sure the mask completely covers your mouth and nose without gaps
  • Use 100% cotton washable cloth masks and leave disposable masks for the healthcare professionals
  • Sanitize your masks by washing them in warm soapy water
  • Buy or make multiple masks so you can carry spares
  • Change your mask every time you go out and/or every 2hrs

Masks should be changed often to stay effective. I have a practical suggestion for easily showing that you’re changing your mask and to remind yourself to change it regularly. We should all carry 4 masks and write pleasant words of greeting on them: “Getting to Work” “Good Morning” “Good Afternoon” “Get Home Safe” and swap them at the appropriate time during the day.

There are numerous DIY videos that show you how you can make your own masks with some thread and rubber bands. Our domestic apparel industry has a huge opportunity to fill our needs. In the mean time, if you need to buy some here’s a link to a 5-pack for $20 on Amazon.


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