Email & Banners


GTA Email Campaign

I created this long running campaign of inserting the Golden Trailer Awards (GTA) trophy into an upcoming summer blockbuster movie poster. Every year we present a new layout to the movie’s studio and receive wholehearted approval and support. Their marketing departments now consider it an honor to be chosen to this year’s GTA poster.


BANNERS_300x250_728x90Old Navy Lucky Khakis

Researching Fantasy Football players, we discovered that personal superstitions featured prominently in the user experience. I wrote these smart banners for the launch of Old Navy’s new Men’s Khaki’s on Yahoo’s Fantasy Football league. The banners were dynamically customized using data from the user’s screen name, team name, game score and league standing.



I wrote this provocative headline to reengage WoT users and engage them with its alternative meaning. The campaign offers a trivia challenge to WoT’s core players, who have a keen interest in military hardware.


Banner Ad


This ad was designed to appeal to a FPS player, who thinks WoT as a strategy game.