I hated Atlas Shrugged

A year after I got out of college. I was “forced” to listen to the unabridged audio-book, as the passengers in a car on a 14hr drive from Charleston, S.C. to New York City. My knee jerk reaction was negative, especially to the sappy dialogue and ham-handed caricatures that sufficed for the book’s antagonists. […]

Park is closed. Screw you.

The WW2 memorial does not have fences or require admission or have a ranger on duty to police it. It’s a big fountain in the middle of a park (the Capitol Mall). But some douche at the Park Service or the Administration ordered that a fence be put around it 24hrs before the Govt. shutdown […]

Quitting with style points

I gotta give serious props to this girl. I hope she finds a much better job after this, or at least learns how to spot a better boss.