COVID-19: Day 3 Bottled Water

Along with toilet paper, bottled water is the panic buyers most irrational purchase. Social media is full of images of empty shelves. But why? COVID-19 is not cholera. It’s not spread by our water supply nor does it live in our reservoirs and pipes. And unless you live in Flint Michigan, your tap water […]

COVID-19 Day 2: Solutions

The image above is what Filipino’s call a ‘Tabo’; A small, hand-held pitcher, ladle or pan used in the bathroom and toilet. Until recently, many homes in Asia lacked showers. Even today many bathrooms in Asia feature a large bucket in the tub, that is filled with water. Bathers use the tabo to scoop […]

COVID-19 Day 1: Forget #metoo, it’s #mefirst

“America, welcome to Hurricane Shopping.” -my friend in Florida

This is what the produce section in Whole Foods in Noe Valley looked like. Proving that even the Progressive, Well-Educated, Affluent residents of San Francisco, are just as selfish (and ill-prepared) as the rest of the country.

In days prior, online memes were shared of […]

COVID-19 Day 2: Sure Price Gouging is Bad but Hoarding is Worse

Read the NYT article here:

My first reaction to reading about a Price Gouger was outrage. But then I thought: why is it worse for one asshole to amass 17,700 bottles and sell them, than leaving them in the stores so that 177 Panic Buyers can grab 100 bottles? At least the […]

COVID-19 Day 1: Sensible COVID19 Prepping

Panic buying at COSTCO

My advice to my neighbors is DO NOT start panic buying toilet paper or hand sanitizer or paying price-gouging prices for them. But while you are healthy, start stocking up now in a sensible and practical way.

The bad news is that as of today, we are only at […]

Personal Protective Equipment for COVID19

First off, COVID19 is not a truly deadly pathogen for a majority of healthy people. So avoiding the virus is not as personally important to me as recovering from infection. That said, for Health Care and 1st Responders who have to go into hot-zones frequently, it’s important. Here’s protective guidelines from the CDC

I […]