COVID-19 Day 11: No N95, no problem?

Dire shortages of N95 masks have sparked desperate calls for donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to hospitals. Some have resorted to reusing disposable masks. Even the CDC has recommended using bandannas if hospitals run out of N95 masks.

Authorities have stressed that N95 masks are the only grade of mask that can protect […]

COVID-19 Day 10: Splaning Splenda Resistance


Deep diving scientific papers on COVID-19 I’ve come across other some other interesting studies. Yay, science. A new study shows consuming sucralose (Splenda) sweetened drinks with carbs suppresses insulin sensitivity (Insulin Resistance). This may help explain why drinking “diet drinks” doesn’t help people lose weight.

NYC and other municipalities have passed “soda” taxes aimed […]

COVID-19 Day 9: War Movies

We are now at war. We are literally in a World War with a virus. The damage to America’s economy and the changes to everyday lives in America hasn’t been seen since World War II.

So I guess it’s appropriate that since my cousin Melissa and her family are stuck at home with the Bay […]

COVID-19 Day 8: The Chinese Virus Isn’t Racist, You Are

Today, President Trump again used the term, ‘Chinese Virus’ sparking continued criticism with some calling the term, racist. As an Asian myself, I don’t find names like ‘Spanish Flu’, ‘German Measles’, or ‘Chinese Food’ racist, which begs the question, why the outrage?

The COVID-19 Pandemic is often compared to ‘The Spanish Flu’ without a […]

COVID-19 Day 7: Memes, so many memes

Being stuck at home has left me with too much time to indulge in creating memes.


COVID-19 Day 6: What it’s like to get tested

Pre-screening for Covid-19 testing ©NBC News

I’m sharing a first-hand account from my friend, who lives near Miami, FL. His experiences trying to get tested for COVID-19 have been more painful than the actual virus. His symptoms have overall been mild, treated with cold and cough medicine (it’s a good idea to check […]

COVID-19 Day 5: Why the CDC Should Encourage Face Masks.

The CDC strongly discourages healthy people from wearing N95 masks. Instead their primary advice is that people should hand-wash frequently. But even the CDC admits that few actual cases have been spread from an infected surface; the virus spreads from via close-proximity airborne transmission. Hand sanitizing will not protect you from breathing in the […]