COVID-19 Day 17: On Sunday We Rest

No rest for the wicked. But a new meme until tomorrow.

COVID-19 Day 16: Star Trek Picard finale

I’ve been watching the Picard CBS Star Trek series since before we were stuck at home under COVID-19 ordinance. It started out promising with great performances by Sir Patrick Stewart but…


I haven’t been this irritated and disappointed by the last couple of episodes of a series since Game of Thrones.

Why […]

COVID-19 Day 15: More memes

I’ve been writing more essays and articles this week but the memes didn’t stop.





COVID-19 Day 14: Our Pearl Harbor

WWII has become a popular metaphor for our war with COVID-19. All around the country, Americans shelter in their homes, like the air-raid drills of the 1940’s. Our current Administration’s lack of preparedness for this pandemic, echos FDR’s in the months before Pearl Harbor: overconfident, distracted and dismissive of the threat from Asia.


COVID-19 Day 13: Why is Germany’s Death Rate so Low? Because they’re German.


Why is Germany’s COVID-19 death rate so much lower than the rest of Europe? A German might say, “It’s because we practice social distancing––normally.”

The short answer is, Germany was able to test and identify more infected individuals. An accurate accounting of infection numbers determines how accurately you can calculate […]

COVID-19 Day 12: Hindsight 2020 Challenge

Remember a month or two ago when the only time we talked about coronavirus was in memes involving Mexican beer?