COVID-19 Day 31: The Batshit Crazy Story of Chloroquine

Batman is a trademark of DC Comics

When President Trump began touting the use of chloroquine as a possible treatment for COVID-19, many people thought he was “batshit crazy.” That statement might be closer to the truth than they realized.

It appears that President Trump heard about a tweet by Elon […]

COVID-19 Day 29: A Good Friday for Vaccine Research

COVID-19 Research in Isreal

About 2000 years ago today, a Jewish rabbi was crucified for trying to save the world. Today Israeli scientists are being virtually crucified by conspiracy nuts for trying to do the same.

Early in March, a Facebook meme was being circulated claiming to show a vaccine being […]

COVID-19 Day 28: Socialism, where’s the fire?


In an interview with Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Joe Rogan challenged him on his stance against Bernie Sander’s Medicare-for-All.

“Isn’t the fire department Socialism?” Joe asked, “Don’t we already do that with firemen, the policemen, with the schools?”

Crenshaw seemed to struggle to come up with a metaphor for Joe that […]

COVID-19 Day 30: In Defense of Chicken Little


The final death toll currently “looks more like 60,000 than the 100,000 to 200,000” said Dr. Anthony Fauci on NBC’s Today Show.

Similarly, The Imperial College in London radically lowered its fatality estimates from 500,000 to 20,000. Under normal circumstances this news would be greeted with relief. Fewer deaths are our […]

COVID-19 Day 27: The Forgotten Pandemics

This billboard advertisement appeared in Des Moines in 1968.Credit…Bettmann, via Getty Images

The virus arose in China. Quietly infecting dozens, then hundreds, then thousands, before jumping across borders on airplanes to the rest of the world. As bodies filled hospitals with a mystery contagion, the news media only started to sound alarm after […]

COVID-19 Day 27: Published on Medium

My article on the Bumpy Curve was published on Medium. I’d like to say that now I’m a published writer, but that’s not entirely true. I’ve written a few articles about airsoft for an online magazine. My writing has appeared on newspapers and billboards in the form of clever headlines and body copy for […]

COVID-19 Day 26: No man is an Iceland

In the nightly news coverage of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, you hear about Italy, Spain, China, etc. But one country hardly mentioned by media or health officials in Iceland. The land of volcanos, ice, and Björk, is also a country dealing with COVID-19.

An ideal scientific study of an epidemic requires a sizable and […]