COVID-19 Day 39: Nature is Healing because Memes Are the Virus

When business shutdowns and stay-at-home orders become the primary national COVID-19 around the world, people saw an improvement in air and water quality due to the lack of cars on the road and economic activity. People began to notice wildlife because they were stuck at home. They started posting and tweeting about the return […]

COVID-19 Day 38: The Mutant Threat Is Overblown

An article in the South China Morning Post, raises the alarm that a new virus mutation might make the development of a COVID-19 vaccine impossible. This mutated SARS-CoV-2 virus (SARS2) has a differently shaped protein spike in its shell. This means the virus may be less likely to bind to the ACE2 (Angiotensin […]

COVID-19 Day 37: What Germany Knows About Coronavirus

Prof. Christian Drosten at the Charité Insitute of Virology

On the eve of publishing a comprehensive new study of German’s first cases of COVID-19, Prof. Christian Dorsten, Director of the Charité Institute of Virology in Berlin, was interviewed on This Week in Virology. Prof. Dorsten is Germany’s top expert on coronavirus […]

COVID-19 Day 36: Don’t Be Dense, NYC is not LA

New York City remains the epicenter of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the US, which also has the most COVID-19 cases and deaths in the world. As of the time of this writing, New York City (NYC) has had 11,477 dead of the virus. In contrast, Los Angeles (LA), the nation’s 2nd […]

COVID-19 Day 35: The Wuhan Accident

Since the WHO first announced COVID-19, it’s been commonly reported that the virus originated in bats. The official story from Chinese authorities is that the infection came from wild animals sold in a farmers market (“wet market”) in Wuhan. But as the accuracy of other “COVID-19 facts” from Chinese authorities has been […]

COVID-19 Day 34: An Asian Guide to Living with Coronavirus

Liberty Square Taipei, Taiwan

In a contentious press conference, President Trump discussed reopening the country amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Criticism of his statements aside, the individual states, and not the President, will have the primary responsibility of implementing the scope and timing of reopening, just as they were responsible for stay-at-home […]

COVID-19 Day 33: Fear is a Motivator

Pocong guards, Indonesia REUTERS/Stringer

When I lived in Hawaii, my wife and I were fortunate enough to attend a ghost tour lead by historian Glen Grant. We stopped in front of Iolani Palace where Glen told the story of Queen Lili’uokalni’s ghost. She was imprisoned there, after a coup d’étet overthrew her kingdom […]