COVID-19 Day 59: Sunday Memes

COVID-19 Day 58: Stop treating COVID like the Flu. Treat the Flu like COVID

“People in the US should be way more worried about the flu…”?—?BuzzFeed News, January 28.

“Get a Grippe, America. The Flu Is a Much Bigger Threat than Coronavirus, for Now,…”?—?Washington Post February 1.

“We went through this before: Zika virus, Ebola, et cetera. But let’s […]

COVID-19 Day 57: Debunking the Plandemic’s Judy Mikovits

Please don’t share that video featuring Prof. Judy Mikovits, from an upcoming documentary called “Plandemic”. In it Prof. Mikovits suggests a number of things including that SARS2 is a […]

COVID-19 Day 56: There’s Someone Missing from the Covid Taskforce

After the My Pillow Guy and Trump’s Disinfectant Gaffe, I wouldn’t think anything else would surprise me about the White House COVID Taskforce until I happened to look into its members. I went through each bio trying to figure out which one was the epidemiologist? There isn’t one.

President Trump assembled the Taskforce on […]

COVID-19 Day 55: Murder Hornets are the New Threat (Until we find a better one)

As COVID-19 fears begin to wain and people experience information fatigue, no group is more concerned than the news media. With a downward trend in embarrassing gaffs by President Trump, click-bait Ad revenues are down. Until an alarming second-waive of infections can be announced, reporters have turned to twitter for trending […]

COVID-19 Day 54: Cinco de Mayo con Corona

Happy Not Mexican Independence Day (that’s in September). I don’t think anybody really feels like celebrating after +50 days of Covid fear, but we could all use a shot of tequila.


COVID-19 Day 53: The Pandemic Ends in June. Or October. Probably.

When will the pandemic end? California’s Governor Gavin Newsom stated the obvious, that things couldn’t “return to normal” until a vaccine is developed. Dr. Fauci recently said it could take 12-18 months to develop a vaccine for SARS2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19). That is record-breaking speed given that the Ebola vaccine […]