Rockefeller Plaza Redux

When we visit New York, I generally try to avoid tourist spots. But there is one part of Midtown I often find myself in: Rock Center.

Back when I first started out as a junior creative on Madison Ave. I took full advantage of working in Midtown for lunch. No, I’m not talking about being taken out to lavish business lunches (remember I was a JUNIOR creative, so nobody was taking me to lunch). But I would walk a block over to Rockefeller Center and grab cheap street food (all I could afford) and eat my lunch in the Plaza amidst the splendor of the architecture.

Every so often, I would treat myself to expensive Swiss chocolates at Teuscher. But this was exceedingly rare as the cheap side of me remembered the inexpensive Swiss chocolate bars I would buy at Migros when I was a student there. It still impresses me that Teuscher flies in their products fresh every week from Switzerland.

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