COVID-19 Day 57: Debunking the Plandemic’s Judy Mikovits


Please don’t share that video featuring Prof. Judy Mikovits, from an upcoming documentary called “Plandemic”. In it Prof. Mikovits suggests a number of things including that SARS2 is a bioengineered virus and that essentially claiming COVID-19 is a Govt. plot. I watched the video and while she presents herself as very committed to telling the truth, some of the conspiracy theories put forward are just a little too out there. But if they were true, she was worth looking into.

So I did a little digging and what I found confirms she’s a scientist but she’s also a person with an axe to grind. I believe Prof. Mikovitz is using COVID-19 to draw attention to a career injustice that she feels was done to her. Judy Mikovits earned her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University. She worked at the National Cancer Institute, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, and at the Whittemore Peterson Insitute.

Research scientists make their bones by doing research but they make their careers by publishing papers on their research. I used Google Scholar (a Google search engine for scientific literature) and found some scientific papers she wrote regarding retroviruses and other subjects but I could not find any papers regarding COVID-19 or SARS. Not even an OpEd article on the things she discussed in the video. If you’re not willing to put your opinions down in print (especially digital-print) that’s a red flag.

Her most famous or perhaps infamous paper was the 2009 Lombardi study, which claimed that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was caused by a newly discovered mouse borne virus, XMRV. This was published in Science, one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, but later retracted when the results of the experiments could not be reproduced by other scientists. Other researchers including those at the NIH questioned the validity and methods used in the study; speculating sloppy lab procedures but not going so far as claiming fraud.

Having your paper retracted by a prestigious scientific publication is more than just an embarrassment, it can ruin a career, and it seems to have ruined hers. She was later fired from the Whittemore Peterson Insitute where she had done her XMRV research. When she left, she took her computer, notebooks, and research with her, but they were the property of the institute, so she was charged with theft and later arrested.

In the video, she claims the ‘stolen’ evidence was planted and these were trumped-up charges to force her silence. But in this 2014 newspaper article profiling her, she freely admits she took the lab notebooks, “If we had left those notebooks unsecured, patient names would have been exposed…” So it appears her story has changed a bit to make her seem more victimized and less forthright.

She claims that a 5-year gag order was placed on her so she wouldn’t “tell the truth” but that was more likely a plea-bargain her lawyers made with the Whittemore Peterson Insitute to drop the theft charges and avoid further PR embarrassment for them (and loss of doners, etc.) If it really were a high-placed, government conspiracy by Dr. Fauci and others to keep her quiet, why limit it to 5-years? And if so, it’s a comically, poorly executed ‘silencing campaign,’ considering she published a book about it.

In a 2011 PodCast of This Week in Virology (TWiV) the virologists discuss the controversy. They also mention Dr. Fauci who was in charge of the NIH virus research. Dr. Fauci asked one of his staff to do a confirmation study on XMRV virus after the Lombardi paper was published and the NIH was one of the labs that called into question Mikovitz’s research. She blames Fauchi for orchestrating her downfall. This is some Prime Time level drama!

Prof. Mikovitz makes some rather sensational claims like, Dr. Fauci delaying research into AIDs to enrich colleagues and that she helped create EBOLA in a lab at Ft. Detrick. Here’s where her story crosses the line of logic and believability. If even half of what she claims were true, there’s no reason an evil government cabal would let her live to expose it, especially after arresting her and taking her custody (ie. Epstein didn’t kill himself).

There are some claims concerning the Government’s over-reaction and lockdown that reasonable people can agree with but some key scientific and factual claims made about and by Prof. Mikovitz are hyperbolic and beg credulity.

“Dr. Judy Mikovits has been called one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation.” Who’s calling her that, the documentary narrator? A simple Google search for any mention of her name in print before the 2009 Lombardi paper shows a lack of mentions before the controversy.

“…There is no vaccine currently on the schedule for any RNA virus that works.”
There are most certainly vaccines in use that work against RNA virus including influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, rabies, yellow fever, and Ebola. Influenza mutates very quickly which is why new vaccines have to be developed every season but to claim ‘no vaccine works’ is wildly inaccurate.

I’ll end it here because we obviously can’t the things said in the video at face value. I’ll leave a more thorough scientific debunking to Science, the journal that retracted her Lombardi paper. To be fair, this article isn’t so much a debunking as a discrediting. But most of the focus in the video was just that, a discrediting of Dr. Fauci and the ‘scientific establishment’. Prof. Mikovitz implies, that if they ‘could do this to her, then what are they doing to us?’ as her core argument.

Social media and this pandemic have called into question a lot of “scientific authorities” both official and self-proclaimed. Before you believe any ‘expert’ on a video you gotta ask yourself, “what are their credentials?”, “Where did they work or their background?”, and “What expertise do they have on the subject?” It didn’t take a lot of digging to find what I did but it’s a lot more work than most people will do before hitting that SHARE button on social media.

Prof. Mokovits believes she’s telling the truth. But everybody is the hero of their own story. I can agree there is evidence of a hidden agenda in the video, hers.

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