COVID-19 Day 24: How To Make a Mask Without Sewing


I’ve created a video tutorial to show you how to make face masks using a single old t-shirt, without sewing. It is almost criminal that the CDC and our health officials took this long (3 weeks since declaring a National Emergency on March 13) to recommend the public wear masks to slow asymptomatic […]

COVID-19 Day 23: Politics over Pathology

Bruce Aylward @WHO did an interview with HK's @rthk_news When asked about #Taiwan he pretended not to hear the question. The journalist asked again & he even hung up! Woo can't believe how corrupted @WHO is.

— Studio Incendo (@studioincendo) March 28, 2020

Another stunning example of why COVID-19 is […]

COVID-19 Day 22: A Bumpy Curve

As the COVID-19 death toll continues to rise in NYC, the nation looks to California for a model of how to avoid NY’s fate. CA enacted the nation’s first shelter-in-place order weeks before NY. The results are promising, CA appears to be is “flattening the curve” in new COVID-19 cases.

As CA’s governor, […]

COVID-19 Day 21: Masks send the right message

I urged the general use of cloth masks to help flatten the curve. But 3 weeks later, the CDC is sill ‘seriously considering ‘ changing their mask-wearing recommendations. Los Angeles’ mayor didn’t wait and yesterday urged wearing masks.

What needs to get out to the general public are the clear messages:

Wear a face […]

COVID-19 Day 20: How N95 masks are like a mosh pit

In my previous article, I wrote about a study questioning the superiority of N95 respirators over surgical masks. In today’s Deep Dive we’re going to look into what “N95” actually means and why it’s important in infectious disease. And what that moshpit GIF has to do with any of this.

N95 is a designation […]

COVID-19 Day 19: Just Another Disaster in NYC

On March 31, New York City identified over 4,600 new cases of COVID-19, that’s on top of the over 33,000 cases already reported. Just another day in NYC.

Early in the national emergency, politicians and pundits were quick to blame the FDA and Trump for failing to adequately deal with the virus. But unlike […]

COVID-19 Day 18: Business Pajamas

No matter what part of the political spectrum you’re in, we can all agree on this fact: Every leader of every modern nation on this planet, should have seen this Pandemic coming. But what none of us could foresee is was how a virus could so quickly change how many of us learn and […]