Mysterious object impacts on moon

Thanks to science we now have compelling evidence that Team Rocket is real. #moon #astronomy #pokemon

John Wick’s Car

Describe the John Wick series in one sentence without using the word: “Dog” #JohnWick4



Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary is one of San Francisco’s most infamous and most visited tourist attractions. Yet, in all the years I’ve lived in San Francisco or visited San Francisco, I’d never gone to Alcatraz. Until now.

After it was closed in 1963 Alcatraz became a museum administered by the National Parks Service. The only […]

Happy New Year 2023

It’s the New Year and a tradition in Japan is for the Shinto priests to cleanse the temples of the previous year’s paper slips and wooden plaques (ema) left by the shrine visitors. You should do the same with your phone TXT messages and start with a clean slate. Especially those negative messages and […]

Taste Test: UK vs. US Kit Kat

My kids are still eating through their Halloween candy. We used some of it to do this taste test. Kit Kat was one of the first accounts I worked on at DDB so I knew a bit about its history. I was surprised and impressed the kids had developed enough pallets to discern a […]

LA to SF Time Lapse

Enjoy my drive from L.A. to S.F. I (mostly) wasn’t exceeding the speed limit or driving like an ass, though swearing at plenty of people cutting in front of me at the last minute, whenever we’d pass slower trucks. This is my new YouTube channel focused on travel, food, and amustments.


Bad Drivers SF Summer 2022

Some highlights from August. No horrific crashes, just entitled drivers, who don’t seem to notice their surroundings.