COVID-19 Day 52: Herd Immunity Could Cost Less Than 240,000 Lives

Perhaps you’ve heard of ‘herd immunity’? The term is often used to describe a national strategy to mitigate COVID-19, where business and schools remain open, and the population living ‘normally’, while letting the disease run its course and burning out naturally. In epidemiology ‘herd immunity’ means something different, which we’ll discuss shortly.

Sweden is […]

COVID-19 Day 51: The Kim is dead. Long live the Kim

A collection of memes over the last week or so.




COVID-19 Day 50: What the Black Death Can Teach Us Today

14th-century plague doctor wearing a face-mask stuffed with flowers to mask the smell of death.


I can’t believe it’s been 50 days since this whole awful and terrifying episode in history began; when President Trump announced the National Emergency on March 13. Notwithstanding, I’m hopeful this will end in an unexpected positive […]

COVID-19 Day 49: Cubicles May Make a Coronavirus Comeback

As people go back to work in offices, companies are going to have to modify their workplaces to comply with social-distancing laws. One of the biggest challenges stems from a remodeling decision many companies made in the early ‘aughts to follow the fashionable trend of creating “Open Offices.” They removed dividers and cubicles and […]

COVID-19 Day 48: Feeling Dumb About Reopening

The following is an attempt to work through in my own head what I know of the current state of COVID-19 and weigh the conflicting needs to stay […]

COVID-19 Day 47: The Newest Coronavirus Test is Full of Crap

Researchers in Paris have developed a way to test for a rise in new coronavirus cases, our crap. Specifically, toilet wastewater in our sewer systems. If these tests prove […]