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Maria Carey Metallica Mashup

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My solution to the Macbook Pro’s lack of ports

And you thought 2020 couldn’t get any more unreal.

This year will unforgettable for so many ways and for all all the wrong reasons.

What is Love? Bardcore

I’ve been discovering Bardcore, a new subgenre of music (April 2020) that takes modern songs and performs them in a Medieval style. I created this video of a Medieval remix of this 90’s club hit ‘What is Love’ by Haddaway.

Cornelius Link (the originator of the genre) crafted and performed a brilliant Bardcore version of this Diabolically catchy song. Hildegard von Blingin’ wrote an inspired lyrics and took the Cornelius’ performance to the next level with her beautiful voice. But I felt their videos could, “use more cowbell.” They inspired me to relearn how to use After Effects and Premier, which I hadn’t touched in almost two decades. I was as rusty as chainmail left in a bog.

Original Song by Haddaway

Medieval Edit & Performance by Cornelius Link

Vocals and Lyrics by Hildegard von Blingin’

What is love?
Lady thou woundest,
thou woundest, mine heart.
Oh I know not whither thou art,
or wherefore thou tearest us apart
If ever thou beest mine, giv’st me a sign
What is love?
Lady thou woundest, thou woundest, mine heart.
I know not what can granted be,
for doth not my freedom rest with thee?
What shall remain if we are twain?
Alack, I beseech What is love?
Lady thou woundest,
thou woundest, mine heart.

Why Star Trek Ships have Saucers

In the Star Trek universe, almost all of the Federation’s capital ships have one universal feature, the ‘Saucer Section’. This is often the main hull of the vessel, with some designs like the Miranda, NX, and Faraday class having no secondary-hull at all..

But why a saucer-shaped disk?

What if the disk shape wasn’t just aesthetic but had a practical purpose. What if the internal structure of the disk was spinning and producing artificial gravity through centripetal force?

Schematics and blueprints created of the USS Enterprise and other ship designs have detailed drawings of the internal decks of the saucer section and no, my theory is not-canon. Pitty.

If perhaps if they ever do a series set before the ‘Enterprise’ timeline, a pre-prequel, they could show a centrifuge-disk design in use on Starfleet vessels before they developed ‘gravity plating’ technology? Why would starship designers keep that aesthetic after it served any practical purpose? For the same reason parts of a ship are still called the ‘bridge’ and ‘forecastle’; Tradition.

A COVID-19 Status Update in 3 charts.

There’s been a lot of arguments about comparing US infection statistics versus other countries such as “You can’t compare the US because we have more people” or “We test more so we have more cases” all of which are true. But here are 3 charts normalized per million and per 1000’s of tests. So this is as close to apples to apples as you’re going to get.

This is where we are as of July 12, 2020.

This is where we’d like to be: less cases with the same number of tests

This is where every country wants to be: almost no cases.