COVID-19 Day 70: Letter to Kamala Harris on SB580

One of my state senators and one-time DNC presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, recently co-authored Senate Resolution 580 which aims to condemn and denounce anti-Asian sentiment, racism, discrimination, and religious intolerance as evidenced in the use of such phrases as “Wuhan virus,” “Chinese virus,” and “Kung-flu.” 

I wrote this letter to her:

Ms. Harris,

“Wuhan Virus” […]

COVID-19 Day 32: Gin and Tonic, the Original Quarantini

British soldiers drinking their quinine

Sequestered at home in social lockdown for weeks because of COVID-19, many have turned to hosting virtual cocktail parties. Cooking and Lifestyle websites have shared various “Quarantini” recipes. But many don’t remember the original quarantini: gin-and-tonic

Gin traces its origins all the way back to the […]

COVID-19 Day 31: The Batshit Crazy Story of Chloroquine

Batman is a trademark of DC Comics

When President Trump began touting the use of chloroquine as a possible treatment for COVID-19, many people thought he was “batshit crazy.” That statement might be closer to the truth than they realized.

It appears that President Trump heard about a tweet by Elon […]

COVID-19 Day 29: A Good Friday for Vaccine Research

COVID-19 Research in Isreal

About 2000 years ago today, a Jewish rabbi was crucified for trying to save the world. Today Israeli scientists are being virtually crucified by conspiracy nuts for trying to do the same.

Early in March, a Facebook meme was being circulated claiming to show a vaccine being […]

COVID-19 Day 27: The Forgotten Pandemics

This billboard advertisement appeared in Des Moines in 1968.Credit…Bettmann, via Getty Images

The virus arose in China. Quietly infecting dozens, then hundreds, then thousands, before jumping across borders on airplanes to the rest of the world. As bodies filled hospitals with a mystery contagion, the news media only started to sound alarm after […]