COVID-19 Day 29: A Good Friday for Vaccine Research


COVID-19  Research in Isreal

About 2000 years ago today,  a Jewish rabbi was crucified for trying to save the world. Today Israeli scientists are being virtually crucified by conspiracy nuts for trying to do the same.

Early in March, a Facebook meme was being circulated claiming to show a vaccine being mass-produced in Israel that would soon available in the US. But these claims were debunked and likely misattributed to a vaccine clinical trial in Isreal, not production. This did not stop conspiracy theorists from making wilder claims that Jewish scientists had created the virus for their own profit, or at the behest of the WHO, U.N., globalists, Bill Gates or George Soros.

On this Good Friday, I thought it would be worthwhile to look into the real efforts by Israeli scientists to develop COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.


The press release that got spun into interweb rumors announced the approval of clinical trials for a new vaccine developed at the Migal Galilee Research Institute. They had been working for over 4 years on a protein-based vaccine that could be customized to work for different viruses including SAR_Cov_2. The various phases of the trial are expected to take months, which is still amazingly swift for medical testing. During that time, it is still to be determined if the vaccine is safe or even if it works. We can only wait and hope.


Scientists at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology were developing an anti-virus treatment for farm-raised shrimp. They’re now switching gears to apply their research to developing SAR_Cov-2 treatment. The location of the research is a little surprising because shrimp is not kosher. But their technology works by triggering the shrimp’s (and hopefully humans’) immune system, much in the same way as a traditional vaccine.


6 critically ill COVID-19 patients in Israel were treated with a  steam cell-therapy created by Pluristem. Their treatment is designed to trigger an immune system response to the SAR_Cov-2 virus. All of the patients survived and 4 showed enough recovery to begin weaning them from ventilators.

This is promising but stem cell therapies have unique risks including tumor formation (cancer) and triggering self-destructive immune system responses. Also, it’s not clear where Pluristem is harvesting its placental material. In the US stem cell research has been blocked by anti-abortion groups, though placentas are normally harvested from the discarded placentas from normal births.


Israel has an unusually advanced medical research and biotechnology sector for a country of its size. Israel greatly benefited from scientists who immigrated after the fall of the Soviet Union. It also has a strong need for self-sufficiency stemming from its history of wars, invasions. and embargoes. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Right now, every nation in the world has one mother of a necessity to find a cure for COVID-19.

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