Harry Hairspray

Hairspray is definitely one Summer film I’m not going to see. And this summer G and I are trying to catch more films.

The Transformer’s movie was good for the first 2/3 but kind of got bogged down with the weight of too many superfluous characters (did they really need the sexy hacker and the hip-hop hacker stereotypes?) and John Torturro couldn’t decide if he was creepy or funny but ended up just being useless.

Me, Giselle and our neighbor Carolyn went to see the new Harry Potter film at the midnight show last night and I have to say that it’s the most disappointing Potter film of the whole series and I wasn’t a huge fan of the first two films. It was like everybody was phoning in their performances. The fans dressed up in Hogwarts outfits in line were more entertaining…though I’m biased because of the whole sexy schoolgirl thang.

Musical movies based on Broadway musicals based on non-musical movies:

The Producers
Little Shop of Horrors
Reefer Madness the Musical

And there are musical movies based on Broadway musicals based on non-musical books previously made into non-musical films at least once:

Phantom of the Opera
Jesus Christ Superstar

And probably more.

Of all the above, how many are any good? Maybe two? Watching the movie of Godspell (and I kind of like the music) is Guantanamo-level torture.

–Greg N.

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