Spitzer Schlub

Well I only have a lame excuses for not keeping this blog updated in over a month: the new baby and new job. I’m really liking working at CDM but the first month here was insanely busy. And when I do get home, I’m on daddy duty, changing diapers, burping and feeding Marcella. But on that end I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I sat in on a lecture/talk on Healthcare Reform with the guest speaker, co-founder of the Center of Medicine in the Public Interest and former FDA Associate Commissioner for External Relations. He pointed out that the figure of 46 million uninsured Americans is made up of:

10 million illegal aliens

15 million Americans who are eligible for Medicaid and state healthcare IF they only registered (mostly children who’s parents haven’t haven’t bothered to register them)

12 million Americans who with annual incomes over $75,000/year who could afford Health Insurance but choose not to get insured (mostly in their early 20’s who apparently would rather spend their money on iPhones and trips to Burning Man instead of Health Insurance)

Which only leaves about 9 million uninsured who make too much to be covered by Medicaid but less than $50,000/yr.

But the Healthcare reform bills currently on in Congress proposed aims to provide coverage for the all 300 million Americans whether we’re currently covered or not in an effort to address less than 3% of the population? Not to mention the rising costs of doing that really haven’t been thought through or addressed.

Not that you’ll read much about the actual details. The Healthcare reform bills are being rushed through congress by the White House and politicos who don’t want such ugly details looked into too closely. House Majority Leader Hoyer laughed when he was asked if he was going to read the House version of the Bill before he voted for it.


I wish I was making this stuff up. I really do.

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