Volcanic Ass

Iceland Eruption and Newark

Iceland Eruption and Newark

I feel like I’m in the 8th plane of hell right now myself, with one of the worst allergy seasons in decades. I’ve so far tried herbal pills, Claritin and now Zyrtec and none of them have helped. I’ve booked an appointment with a GP and allergist but of course because it’s the worst allergy season in decades, the soonest they can see me is next week.

I feel bad for all those families and people stuck at the airports around the world right now. I never click on ‘Trip Insurance’ when I book my flight figuring it’s a waste of money but I’m sure there are thousands of people who wish they had opted in on that.

And now it’s under questions whether the flights even needed to be grounded at all. It’s a good example of how ‘government oversight’ fails vs. the ‘free market’.

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