Squinty Spider-Man

Spiderman Squint

I just saw the newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War and the big tease was that Spider-Man was going to be in the movie. This should be awesome cool, but instead I was nonplussed by the animated squinty eyes on his costume which came off as really ‘cartoony’ and not in a good way for a comic book movie.

They say the eyes are the mirrors of the soul because of how much our eyes and eyebrows show emotion. When a superhero wears a mask, it hides much of an actor’s and a directors ability to communicate, which can be challenging in most cases. Hugo Weaving in ‘V for Vendetta’ relied on body language to replace facial expression and his unchanging Guy Fawkes mask’s gave his character a maniacal and intimidating gaze. In TV and movies, Batman’s eyes have been visible, though covered in sometimes ridiculous amounts of eye shadow (there must be a Cosmetics devision of Wayne Industries.) In the Batman (and Spider-Man) animated shows, reshaping the white eyes of the mask is an acceptable part of the form’s visual language. CGI animated eyes were used to good effect in “Deadpool” because they were subtle. But in Captain America: Civil War, how is this even possible?

Did Tony Stark create a LCD eye-pieces for Spidey’s mask? They never really explained in any of the recent Spider-Man movies how Peter Parker was able to get his hi-tech final costume (does the label now say Stark Industries?). Am I being too nitpicky (did I mention that he sounds like a 12 year old in the trailer?) Well you decide.

Batman Squint

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