July 4th is this week, so….

To the residents of San Francisco:

Before you post on NextDoor this week asking,  “Was that the sound of a gun?”

july4If you don’t like the sound of firecrackers or fireworks, you’re going to have to be “tolerant” of your neighbors expressing their Pride. Fireworks should only bother you on Thursday night and a few random nights this week (depending on the number of teenagers that live near you.)
• If you have an American flag let it fly.
• If you don’t like the American flag, just pretend it’s ironic or that it’s a “White Trash theme party”. Or move to Canada or France. By the way you’ll still experience loud firecrackers every year on July 1 or July 16 respectively.
• If you’ve got a Diabetic Rescue Cat that’s traumatized by loud noises, it’s a great time to take them camping along the coast. If you have to stay home, put on a Sarah McLachlan CD and crank up the volume.
• If you’ve got PTSD, reach out for support. If all else fails: embrace the suck.


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