COVID-19 Day 1: Forget #metoo, it’s #mefirst

“America, welcome to Hurricane Shopping.”
-my friend in Florida

This is what the produce section in Whole Foods in Noe Valley looked like. Proving that even the Progressive, Well-Educated, Affluent residents of San Francisco, are just as selfish (and ill-prepared) as the rest of the country.

In days prior, online memes were shared of people fighting over toilet paper, which seemed ridiculous. Today President Trump announced an official State of National Emergency, creating a crescendo of panic buying at COSTCOs, Targets, and markets nationwide. The broadcast news is now filled with images of long lines of shoppers, with carts filled with bottled water, disinfecting wipes, and toilet paper.

The truth is, this was an emergency a month ago but a combination of human nature, nonchalance, and government bureaucracy have created this emergency. Seattle, WA is our country’s worst hotzone and the FDA’s red tape

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