COVID-19 Day 37: What Germany Knows About Coronavirus

Prof. Christian Drosten at the Charité Insitute of Virology

On the eve of publishing a comprehensive new study of German’s first cases of COVID-19, Prof. Christian Dorsten, Director of the Charité Institute of Virology in Berlin, was interviewed on This Week in Virology. Prof. Dorsten is Germany’s top expert on coronavirus […]

COVID-19 Day 36: Don’t Be Dense, NYC is not LA

New York City remains the epicenter of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the US, which also has the most COVID-19 cases and deaths in the world. As of the time of this writing, New York City (NYC) has had 11,477 dead of the virus. In contrast, Los Angeles (LA), the nation’s 2nd […]

COVID-19 Day 35: The Wuhan Accident

Since the WHO first announced COVID-19, it’s been commonly reported that the virus originated in bats. The official story from Chinese authorities is that the infection came from wild animals sold in a farmers market (“wet market”) in Wuhan. But as the accuracy of other “COVID-19 facts” from Chinese authorities has been […]

COVID-19 Day 34: An Asian Guide to Living with Coronavirus

Liberty Square Taipei, Taiwan

In a contentious press conference, President Trump discussed reopening the country amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Criticism of his statements aside, the individual states, and not the President, will have the primary responsibility of implementing the scope and timing of reopening, just as they were responsible for stay-at-home […]

COVID-19 Day 31: The Batshit Crazy Story of Chloroquine

Batman is a trademark of DC Comics

When President Trump began touting the use of chloroquine as a possible treatment for COVID-19, many people thought he was “batshit crazy.” That statement might be closer to the truth than they realized.

It appears that President Trump heard about a tweet by Elon […]

COVID-19 Day 29: A Good Friday for Vaccine Research

COVID-19 Research in Isreal

About 2000 years ago today, a Jewish rabbi was crucified for trying to save the world. Today Israeli scientists are being virtually crucified by conspiracy nuts for trying to do the same.

Early in March, a Facebook meme was being circulated claiming to show a vaccine being […]

COVID-19 Day 28: Socialism, where’s the fire?


In an interview with Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Joe Rogan challenged him on his stance against Bernie Sander’s Medicare-for-All.

“Isn’t the fire department Socialism?” Joe asked, “Don’t we already do that with firemen, the policemen, with the schools?”

Crenshaw seemed to struggle to come up with a metaphor for Joe that […]